• Freia M. Titland

I need a better sports bra! Help!!!

Okay ladies!!! Who here has an excellent sports bra that they can recommend because ~ holy shit ~ running with DD's is NOT FUN! "But Freia, why are you running with DD's?"

Great question!

I'm running a 5K! dun dun dunnnnn! *insert scary music here* Yes, you read that right. After I finished signing up I laughed my ass off about it. I haven't ran seriously since I was on the track team in high school. And technically, I threw discus and shot-put so I was barely even running. So, here's the scoop. I'm doing "Gourdy's Pumpkin Run: Virtual 5K and I'm also raising money for Girls on the Run. You can learn all about it and donate here!

I'm super nervous for this which should be stupid. But I'm holding on to these stupid ideas that I'm too "fat" or "out of shape" to run a 5K. That only people who are physically fit and super in shape can run marathons. The minute I had that thought, I signed up. I hit the register button. Why? Because I'm not going to hold on to self-doubt any longer. I'm not going to associate what I look like with my level of health. If I wanna run a marathon, I'll run a damn marathon. Why? Because I can. Because my level of fitness and health is NOT determined by my appearance. And my worth isn't determined by ANY of that! I'm still worthy, even if I don't want to run a stupid marathon. But... for some reason... I feel inspired. I feel like running it. I feel like trying something new. I want to accomplish this goal and then maybe I'll move on to another one. Because that's what life is all about: happiness and experiences. So that's just what I'm going to do! Be happy and have new experiences.

I was sooooo tired today because I had ran for the first time in forever yesterday. But my fiance helped keep me motivated by running/walking alongside me. See?

I couldn't keep the girls in my sports bra so I wore my nightgown to go running!! LOL

So, that brings me back to sports bras. Ladies! Who do you love? What do you wear? How do you keep the girls in!? Share your secrets with me please I beg of you!! I can be running just fine but the pain from my boobs bouncing drives me INSANE. There must be something comfortable that provides full coverage and support right? .... right?....

Here are some I found. Let me know if these are any good!

This one's from lululemon but only goes up to a D? gag.

This one also only goes up to a XL but seems like it will really hold you in. This is from Gymshark.

I started to get super annoyed because, yeah, these are full coverage bras. But how come when I search sports bras the first things to come up are straight sized attire? Same thing when I searched for active wear. So I specifically typed in "plus size sports bras" into Pinterest and this is what I got.

Torrid will never let you down. That looks like it will certainly do the job. But I really want to make sure I feel supported, not just covered. I really need something that will hold them in and back so I don't give myself - or anyone else - a black eye.

Oh, then I found this link that takes us to a great article detailing some sports bras for big boobs. I'm going to check this list out, order some stuff, and report back. Has anyone tried anything on the list? Any other brands/bras I should be aware of? Please let me know in the comments!! Ya girl is desperate!

Catch ya later alligator!

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