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Settling in for September

Updated: Sep 1

Every time I get to the end of August, I start counting down the days to Fall. ( And by Fall, I mean September 1st because that's when I allow myself to start decorating.) My birthday is August 18th, and it's the pinnacle of the Summer for me. Then, just like a Yoga class, I start winding myself down and working on different things. I don't know when I became like this. I used to LIVE for the Summer. Now, I live for being out in long nature walks, going in the ocean or lake, and planting my gardens. But, now that I just moved from my childhood home into a new apartment, my gardens are no more. It's made me a bit melancholy. So, I decided to try and bring as many flowery, nature elements into my home with me. And I plan on doing a whole lot more. It's true that moving in the Summer is the worst thing ever. It's hot, it's gross, and no matter how high you crank your window A.C., you feel disgusting and tired. That might be why it's taking me so long to put my home to rights.

Because I'm in an apartment now, choosing the right centerpiece for our much smaller table has been a challenge. I think I'm going to move away from the green, leafy plate (pictured below) and use the golden candles for the month of September. I think they'll make an appearance again in January. I love my Sunflower serving plate but it's just that: a serving plate. So that will say bye-bye as well after September. Right now we're still technically in Harvest time and Sunflowers are still growing, so that's okay. The candle holder is from Target, the pumpkin plates are also from Target, and the Sunflower plate is from Home Goods.

I hope you love my little dog, Turtle, making an absolute mess in the background. (His bowl says Wuff da! if any Norwegians are reading this!!) This green plate is from IKEA. I'm going to start using the cute little green pumpkin plates September 1st baby!! When people come over I love using them as little serving dishes. Sometimes I'll put little candies on them and leave them in various places around the house. It's just a nice little touch that helps to bring some autumnal feelings into my home.

I started reading this book by Meir Shalev called "My Wild Garden". I didn't know the author beforehand and, admittedly, bought the book because I wanted to read about flowers. I've found over the past few years that flowers bring me this innate sense of calm and joy. My life hasn't been easy these last couple of years and tending a garden has kept me sane and level-headed. It's given me some kind of purpose and meaning. So, I do it. And when I can't, I spend my pennies and dimes on as many flowers and plants as I can get my hands on. This book is cute. It's from the author's perspective and he talks about his own relationship to flowers and his family. He discusses the building of his wild gardens and provides different notes on different plants. I'll let you know when I finish it. The above cup is from HausWitch. They are based in Salem, MA but have a great online shop.

I'm also ready for Fall Fashion and I was so excited to put on a sweater yesterday!! This sweater is from Anthropologie and it's super cozy and roomy. I'll be sharing more photos of Fall outfits as we go and some recipes I love. I've been seeing a lot of my fellow models make cute Insta Reels and other posts with their outfits, so I think I'm going to give it a try. I'm usually not one for posting about myself on the internet (usually i's just my work, etc.) so this will be a new and exciting adventure for me.

In the meantime, enjoy the chaotic mess I'm living in as I get ready for my favorite season of all: Fall!

P.S. the black and white photo is my Gr-Gr-Gr-Great Grandmother and she always looks like she's judging me. I keep her photo around my workstation for when I start slacking off. Her first name is my middle name so I feel a connection.

My books and herbs don't have an official home just yet... but they will!

& those are jalapeno plants and they have served me well!

This is Plautus & Alekto is in the back.

I bought Plautus last Summer when he was just a little guy. Now he's so big! I think I have ti re-plot him soon. Alekto I bought last Summer as well, but she takes a little longer and that's okay. I bought Alekto because I have a HUGE version of her that used to be my grandmother's plant. So I thought maybe grandma-plant wanted a little sister.

And here's a fake Klimt from IKEA. LOL Do what you can baby!!!

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